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Highly effective restaurant teams use Restoke to perfect operations
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Highly effective restaurant teams use Restoke to perfect operations
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Automate your entire operation

Save countless hours and brainpower with everything you need to streamline your restaurant, including:

AI powered food and recipe costing, so you always know your margins

Simple one-click ordering from suppliers

Procedures and preps to help manage your team

Stock and inventory management

Integrations for POS, accounting, rostering and more

Flexible pricing for venues and chains of all sizes

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Your new favourite tool

Restoke is designed to work seamlessly with your existing workflow, on any device. No extra POS installation or hardware required. Replace spreadsheets, checklists, post-it notes and invoices with one easy to use platform.

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Food costs, menus and recipes

Always know your food costs and get alerts when stock prices change. With the help of AI tools, we ensure you’re in control of your operating margins.

Stock and suppliers

Never miss an order, invoice or inventory item again. Do your stocktakes and schedule orders with the vendors you need. Then magically scan and store invoices to pay your bills, with direct accounting integrations.

Easily manage your staff

Stop spending all your time micromanaging and training your team. With our set and forget checklist system, your staff will know exactly what needs to be done, so you can focus on running the business.

Health and safety compliance

Create and assign your food safety and hygiene protocols. Your team will always be across what they need to do to pass inspections. We’ll even set you up with best practice templates.

Our customers love us

See how restaurants are saving precious time and money with Restoke

4.2 out of 5
5 out of 5
Steven Aspros

Hospitality consultant/GM

An investment that will return 10x...

Technology has come a long way and the team at Restoke has developed a product that as far as I can see is second to none. A simple, intuitive and fun, culture-building task management platform for Hospitality! Plus simple Recipe Costing and OCR scanning that works! This feature will save you hours of time each week. The support has been excellent (5-10 min turnaround instead of days) as are the training videos.

An investment that will return 10x to your profit & peace of mind. Get it.

Deborah Bailey

Proprietor, First & Green

Comprehensive and intuitive

Comprehensive and intuitive. These guys really thought about every aspect. Almost seamless transition from Aussie point of view to US. So far, I cannot praise Restoke enough for offering me the opportunity to save enormous amounts of time.

Johnny Di Francesco

Owner & Managing Director, Gradi Group

Restoke is a winner.

People must use this tool to their advantage, it's a game changer! Restoke allows me to have full control over the whole operation, helps me control my expenses with insane accuracy and have the business running exactly as I want it to. Very scary my friend.

Rick Hill

‍Owner, The Cart Co

Before I found Restoke things were a bit all over the place with my ordering. Some suppliers I texted, some I had to email and I couldn’t track anything. Now I have a lot more time and I’m a lot less stressed!

Aiven Lee

Head Chef, Yum Sing House

Restoke has been a great help when it comes to food costing. Automated price updates keep our business in the loop and allow us to adjust our menu price accordingly. The inventory feature is easy to use and provides us with an accurate figure at the end of each month.

Our customers love us

See how restaurants are saving precious time and money with Restoke

4.2 out of 5
5 out of 5
Roy Sassonkin

Chef and Owner, Tahina

Team were super helpful.

The main problems we had were communication and organisation, now that we're with Restoke they're a thing of the past. I was a bit hesitant when I first signed up, thinking it would take a lot of time and energy to set up, but it was surprisingly easy and quick.

Pellegrino Pizza

The staff jumped in 3 zoom calls to…

The staff jumped in 3 zoom calls to extensively help me with setup and address all my questions in a can do way, modeling our business on their platform so I'm set for success, rather than disappointment then follow by de-subscription.


Founder / Business Owner, Empire Chicken

Excellent Product

This application has enabled us to tidy up our daily operations significantly. It gives us preps and procedures for our staff to work through each day, detailed recipes and a very intuitive system for scanning invoices and updating food costs on the fly - just to name a few!


Brilliant program which has changed the…

Brilliant program which has changed the way I run my restaurant. The support and continuous development from these guys is so good it's scary. I can't recommend enough

Kaede Cafe

Great service and friendly team!

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