Getting started with Restoke

Who knew automating your operation could be so easy? Simply follow our step-by-step guide below to get set up. Once you're finished you'll wonder how you ever worked without Restoke!


5-minute Setup Flow

With our powerful new setup flow, restaurants and chains, big and small, can start proving value even faster - saving more time, money and stress-induced white hairs!
Invite your team

Using Restoke's MyTeam section, view your entire team and send invitations to new staff members with particular permissions and roles.

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Connect your integrations

Save time setting up your venue with our free integrations. Connect your POS, accounting & rostering platform and start importing staff, products and more.

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Add your suppliers

Setting up suppliers allows you to streamline your ordering process. Once you're finished, you'll have a birds-eye view of all your suppliers and the basket of items you can order. It's also a pre-requisite for uploading prep and dish recipes, which will help you understand your automated recipe costs.

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Set up prep recipes

Prep recipes are the starting point for any dish and will feed into your overall food costs. They are the individual recipe items that will be used to create your menu items. For example, if you were making a burger with a special sauce, the special sauce recipe would be the prep recipe.

Use your desktop here to save time and make sure you add your supplier items first before this step!

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Set up dish recipes

Bring together your supplier items and prep recipes to create your end product, the dish. Once you've formed your dishes, you'll be able to visualise their cost using our food costing algorithm.

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Reproduce your menu

Quickly reproduce your menu on the Restoke platform. This is done by pulling dish recipes into this section. You can also choose to create multiple menus to cater for specials or seasonality.

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Set up procedures

Procedures are recurring, day-to-day tasks that need to be carried out by your team. Our easy-to-use checklist system is completely customisable, and will ensure all aspects of your restaurant run smoothly from start to close.

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Set up preparation lists

Preparation runs refers to your 'Mise en place' - ensuring all ingredients are ready to go in their required units of measurement. This will set up your kitchen and/or bar for daily service. An example of this would be to bottle all your sauces in their required quantities for a given day.

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Initiate master stocktakes

A master stocktake can be generated to quickly calculate how much stock you have on hand at any given time and is broken down per supplier and item. Once this is done, you'll have a better understanding of your inventory.

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Create training modules

Training your staff with Restoke is simple, and will lay the foundations for how well your team works. Get your staff up to speed quickly with flexible training modules like first aid and food standards.

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The task tool is used to assign one-off activities that fall outside day-to-day procedures. If you have a unique task, you can set it up in the platform and assign it to your team. For example, if a special guest is visiting the venue, you can set up a task to make sure a particular staff member oversees their experience.

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