Book a beer demo!

Prefer to chat over a cheeky beverage? Us too!

Let's share a drink online and run through Restoke. It's a lot of fun and we'll be supporting hospitality 🙌 .

Book your spot early - beer demos are very popular and places are limited... we can't just drink all day 🤣 .



Because it's a "beer demo", do I have to drink beer?


Make a fancy cocktail. Pour a glass of wine. Grab a glass of whisky...

Just pick your beverage before the meeting! And make sure to drink responsibly.

Do I have to drink alcohol?

Of course not!

We'll be enjoying a beverage because we cut our teeth in hospitality and love supporting the local industry. But that doesn't mean you have to drink alcohol.

Just prepare or order your favourite drink before the meeting and tell us about it. If you can support local then even better!

What do I have to do?

There are a few fun rules for the beer demo:

At the start of the meeting, you have to tell us about your beverage.

We'll tell you what we're drinking.

We have to cheers!

Please make sure you have a working webcam! If you don't, book a regular meeting here.

If you're drinking alcohol, please drink responsibly.

Can't find a time? No worries

Book a normal demo and we'll tell you more. Guaranteed to still have tons of fun!