Easily manage your team

Make sure your staff are always on top of their game. Create and assign training modules, procedures, preps and more. You'll save countless hours managing your team.

Set-and-forget checklist system

Create flexible step-by-step checklists for standard operating procedures, trainings, preps or any other tasks that need to be completed. Then delegate to your team for full accountability.

Say goodbye to micromanagement.

Health and safety compliance

Create and assign your food safety and hygiene protocols. Your team will always be across what they need to do to pass inspections. We’ll even set you up with best practice templates.

"The main problems we had were communication and organisation, now that we’re with Restoke they’re a thing of the past. I was a bit hesitant when I first signed up, thinking it would take a lot of time and energy to set up, but it was surprisingly easy, quick and the team were super helpful."

Roy Sassonkin
Chef and Owner, Tahina

All your tasks in one place

Use Restoke’s MyDay for a full overview of daily work. When your staff login to Restoke, they’ll see their assigned tasks and alerts. We’ll then keep you notified throughout the day when work is completed.

Let your team deliver.

Automate your entire operation

Let us take care of the daily grind with everything you need to streamline your venue, including:

Want to chat over a cold one?

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