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How long is your cookie life?

We currently offer a 60-day cookie life. This means from their click on your link, if they purchase over the next 60 days (without clicking someone else's link), you're the partner of record.

How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked through your partnership link provided by our partnership tracking software, First Promoter.

When do payouts take place?

Partnership payments are currently made on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Please note that there is a 14-day free trial period. Following this, there is a minimum delay of 30 days before approving pending commissions.

Depending on when a commission is earned in a month, it can be pending for up to 58 days. For example, if someone signed up on July 19 for a free-trial, then subscribed on August 2nd, your commission will be approved on September 2. It will then be paid on Oct 15 (creating a 58 day delay).

What's the minimum sum to be sent via PayPal?

$50 AUD is the minimum per payout.

Can I refer myself on purchase?

Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. We want you to be able to provide a great system to earn commission by recommending others and not get yourself a 30% discount.

Someone signed up from me and didn’t use my link, can you help?

In some cases, we can give credit to a partner even if the customer didn’t sign up through their link by mistake. If you have a case like that, contact us first so we can help and please ask your customer to send any details of the purchase.

Can I sign up on behalf of a restaurant I've recommended using my own referral link?

We recommend you either sign up from the computer of the restaurant's primary account holder (if possible) OR sign up the restaurant as usual (without a referral link) and send us an email with their sign up email addresses to

How can I get paid if I don’t have PayPal?

Please contact us at to set up a different payment method.