Ordering made easy

Save hours managing your suppliers with our all-in-one procurement solution. Create dynamic order schedules, consolidate your invoices and eliminate food-waste.

Goodbye paperwork
With all your ordering and invoices in one central location, you’ll never have to worry about piles of paperwork or annoying spreadsheets again.

Take the stress out of order management.

Automate your ordering
Save even more time by ordering directly from stocktakes, creating custom schedules or order by menu to make sure you have enough stock for the dinner shift.

It doesn’t get more efficient than this.

Reduce your footprint
With more control over your ordering, you’ll know exactly how much your venue needs. That means less food-waste, more money saved and lower emissions for the planet.

Save time and money - and feel good about it.

All your suppliers in one place

Connect any vendor to Restoke for simple procurement. Upload an invoice, receipt or spreadsheet and we’ll populate the details. To place an order, just fill in the amounts and hit send.

Order your way

Send orders by email and text. Include delivery instructions to make sure your order arrives correctly. Get notified when your order is received by the team.

You’ll never have to worry about supplier problems again.

"Before I found Restoke things were a bit all over the place with my ordering. Some suppliers I texted, some I had to email and I couldn’t track anything. Now I have a lot more time and I’m a lot less stressed!"

Rick Hill
Senior Business Development Manager, The Cart Co

Close the loop

Restoke combines procurement, live food costing and inventory management in a single app. When supplier prices change, we’ll update your food costs. When inventory is low, you can review and order more. Even connect your accounting platform to collect your invoices.

It’s the smartest way to manage your restaurant.

Automate your entire operation

Let us take care of the daily grind with everything you need to streamline your venue, including:

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