Take control of your stock

Stay on top of your inventory with dynamic stock management. Restoke makes it easy to know your levels across every part of your restaurant.

Always have the stock you need

As part of Restoke's automated procurement process, you'll set up your optimal stock levels in the platform. When orders are scheduled, we'll ensure your levels are where they need to be.

Eliminate constant stocktakes. Only check inventory when it's needed.

Order with confidence

When your order is scheduled, we’ll let you know the levels you need to restock from suppliers. You’ll be able to seamlessly add or remove quantities to get your ordering just right.

It’s the most efficient way to handle orders and minimise waste.

"We find it much easier dealing with suppliers and knowing what stock we've got in. I'm finding I can be home a bit more now, which was an issue before - I couldn't have a Thursday off. Now I can be sitting at home and log in to see if we have stock ready for the weekend. It's so good!"

Renée Cornelissen
Head Chef, Lady Vandeburg

Master your inventory

If you ever need an exact count, you can easily schedule a Master Stocktake. We’ll take all the ingredients from your suppliers and create a simple checklist. Once the check is complete, you’ll have a full overview of your levels.

Automate your entire operation

Let us take care of the daily grind with everything you need to streamline your venue, including:

Want to chat over a cold one?

Grab your favourite beverage and talk to us online. We'll tell you more about Restoke and the local brewery or distillery we're supporting!