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Restoke Helps Di Stasio Digitise their Operations and Replace their Paper Dependency

Find out how Di Stasio ended up saving 1 hour per day across their team, and over $20k per year, by implementing Restoke.
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Food Costing
Invoice Management


Di Stasio is one of Melbourne's oldest and most beloved Italian fine dining venues. The main drawcard for locals is their range of different pizzas baked in gleaming wood-fired ovens - with the ambition to create the perfect margherita.


Seating up to 100 patrons in their newly opened Carlton venue, Di Stasio identified that they needed to supercharge operations to keep up with a fast paced environment. For Head Chef Alessandro Sportelli, the old way of running a venue with paper and recipe books simply wasn't cutting it.

He was finding written instructions were getting lost, procedures weren't being completed and the quantity of paper kept accumulating. Added to that, he was becoming increasingly bogged down by the operational demands of endless stocktakes and food costing.


Restoke empowered the Di Stasio team by giving them an all-in-one tool that solved their biggest operational problems. Through Restoke's task management system, they now know exactly what to do with reminders scheduled throughout the day and legacy tasks like temperature logs easily migrated to the app. Tedious jobs like ordering and food costing are now completed with precision through Restoke, reducing the element of human-error.

Everyone will tell you stocktakes are the most annoying thing. To have an app to help with that is amazing.
Alesandro Sportelli
Head Chef, Di Stasio


1 hour saved each day, across 365 days of the year easily adds up to $10-$20k saved - which we can reinvest!

By implementing Restoke, Di Stasio found that they are easily saving 1 hour every day across the team. They've also eliminated over-ordering by using Restoke to manage their inventory. Stressing about food costs is a thing of the past too - now all they have to do is check the app. This means they can increase or reduce prices for customers, depending on how margins look. Before Restoke, there was a team member tasked with these jobs and working the long hours to complete them, but now it's a more collaborative workplace.

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