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How Restoke Grew Revenue by 50% at East Coast Street Tacos

Discover how East Coast Street Tacos elevated revenue by 50%, refined pricing effortlessly, and improved bottom-line growth.
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Food Costing
Team Management
Invoice Management


East Coast Street Tacos is a family-owned and operated business that has been a beacon of the New York community since 2004. Offering a diverse menu inspired by Central and South America, their passion for fresh, sustainable, and accessible meals connects cultures through a love of food and service.


Consultant and de-facto CTO, Daniel Cragin, needed a comprehensive solution to manage the company’s operational challenges. One problem he identified was the business’ pricing strategy, which he wanted to refine to improve the balance between competitiveness and profitability. Additionally, minimising food waste with an efficient inventory solution would go a long way towards reducing COGS and helping achieve the business’ sustainability goals. Being a Square agency partner - he needed a fully integrated solution to ensure smooth change management.


Using the Restoke platform, East Coast Street Tacos configured their commissary kitchen and integrated Square - gaining precise control over inventory across multiple locations while accurately decrementing stock from sales. They then fine-tuned their pricing strategy using Restoke’s AI powered solution, putting in place a hands-free process to manage fluctuating recipe-costs. Daniel and the team also simplified daily operations by automating tasks using preps and procedures, reducing manual workloads across the business.

It's allowed them to price their food on a more calculated basis.
Daniel Cragin
Consultant, East Coast Street Tacos


I really enjoy finding these opportunities that organizations have to grow based on re-strategizing what they're doing

Restoke’s refined pricing strategy has contributed to the company’s impressive bottom-line growth recently, with revenue improving by 50%. Moreover, the business has achieved substantial cost savings across food wastage and labor, translating into more profitability. Thanks to the ease of use of the platform, Daniel has been impressed by the rate of adoption across the team. Now more than ever, East Coast Street Tacos is well positioned to handle their operational demains and maintain their strong commitment to delivering high-quality street food experiences.

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