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How Restoke is Helping Newly Opened Misc. Parramatta Improve Efficiency and Cut Costs

Why Misc. Parramatta chose Restoke to streamline their back-office, saving hours on manual work while boosting profitability.
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Invoice Management
Food Costing
Reporting Dashboard


Misc. Parramatta is a new restaurant and event space located in Parramatta Park, Western Sydney. They offer a variety of high-quality, Mediterranean influenced menu items for breakfast and lunch, with a gorgeous terrace for table service.


Executive Chef, Sébastien Geray, knows what it takes to run a successful restaurant. With over 15 years experience, including several Michelin Starred restaurants in Paris, he understands the importance of an organised back-office. So when starting Misc, he considered his options before going with Restoke. On invoicing alone, he knew he couldn’t spare the time or headspace, which he estimated to be 4 hours per week. Additionally, he knew he needed to take ownership of the numbers or risk losing control of the venue’s operations.


Restoke’s centralised platform allowed Sébastien to keep all his supplier invoices in one place. The AI accurately recognised supplier names, invoice amounts, credit notes, and statements, making the invoice management process more efficient and outputting data on food costs. The inventory management feature also helped him get accurate numbers, monitoring opening and closing stock. Integrating their POS system synced costs and improved the restaurant's understanding of the items decremented from sales.

The time you will save using Restoke. It's a no brainer
Sébastien Geray
Executive Chef, Misc. Parramatta


When you look at the report at the end of the month, you know exactly how much you ordered and what’s been ordered

Sébastien believes that using Restoke is a no-brainer, as it easily saves him hours on invoice management alone. He estimates that without this feature, the business would be losing over $250 a week. But it’s the extra features that gives him the peace of mind that the restaurant is on the right track. Being able to see food costing data and stock levels helps him understand their operations to make informed decisions. With the help of Restoke, he’s able to reduce waste, control inventory and improve the bottom line of the business.

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