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The Lady Vandeburg Team Improves their Work Life Balance by Using Restoke

With the help of Restoke, the Lady Vandeburg team streamlined their ordering and eliminated last minute dashes to the supermarket.
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Team Management


In the idyllic town of Warrnambool, located on Victoria's famous Surf Coast, you'll find a burger venue that locals love and tourists can't wait to check out. With burgers and desserts to die for, as well as a few choice coffee shops, Lady Vandeburg is the perfect complement to any trip down to the coast.


Despite its laid back surroundings - running a busy 3 venue operation has been anything but for the Vande Crew. Owner/Operator Catherine and Head Chef Renée have had their work cut out for them over the years. Late night trips to the supermarket and chasing procedures were a regular occurrence as they tried to stay on top of their operations. They'd often find themselves in the back-office on their days off tying up loose ends. A constant source of frustration was making sure the correct stock was available for the following day.


Restoke streamlined the Lady Vandeburg ordering process by moving their suppliers into the platform. After setting up par levels for all the ingredients they needed, Renée and Catherine were able to create a flexible order schedule that suited them. From there, they delegated simple stock checks to team members using Restoke. The automated ordering system then topped up the restaurant's par levels so they always had stock when they needed it.


Since implementing Restoke, Renée and Catherine have embraced back-of-house automation. With their stock levels available through Restoke, they've reduced unnecessary trips to work and arrive in the morning confident they can complete their preps. Their team is now more efficient and accountable because procedures are scheduled throughout the day with set reminders. It's such a smooth operation, when customers walk in, Catherine claims they can't actually tell who's the boss!

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